Have you ever wondered what burlesque is?  Stripping?  Or maybe something out of the movie Burlesque?  Truth is, it's a bit of both, and more.  Burlesque is the art of the tease.

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Sensuality in the City – Capital At Play VaVaVooom Article

On Broadway Avenue, in the heart of bustling downtown Asheville, North Carolina, you’ll find VaVaVooom. Its bricked, centuried storefront is much like those around it, with wide, bright windows and a sparkling marquee sign. But this is a store unlike any other in the mountain town. It is, you gradually begin to realize, a uniquity, a business that is an amalgam of industries almost always at odds.


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Heather Shirin Neff
The Secret to Desire in a Long Term Relationship!

In long-term relationships, we often expect our beloved to be both best friend and erotic partner. But as Esther Perel argues, good and committed sex draws on two conflicting needs: our need for security and our need for surprise. So how do you sustain desire? With wit and eloquence, Perel lets us in on the mystery of erotic intelligence.

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Lisa Genevieve Ziemer