Self Care - is more than “just treating” yourself!

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Making time for self care is a very real necessity. In a world that requires much effort to simply get through a day, we need to create spaces of calm and relaxation to restore our bodies and minds. Solitude is important for integrating all the aspects of our lives and “coming back home’ to self.

Women especially are encouraged to be present everyone around them, constantly give, and to reach outwardly beyond capacity. No! Take a stand for yourself, and create the time and place for nourishing your most treasured possessions - your own body, mind & spirit.

On long and busy days, dedicate one hour to restoration and pleasure. Relax your body in a soothing bath, take your mind to a different place with a good book, illuminate your inner world with some deep candle-lit self massage enhanced meditation.

Self-pleasuring can be a wholesome aspect of your intimate life. The endorphins that are released during solo play are so valuable in countering the adrenaline and cortisol produced during stressful days. Self pleasure can increase your openness to your interactions with a partner. Self regulating your levels of desire, so that you are more able to discern and balance your own needs, promotes healthy relating between yourself and others.

Jeremy Ashburn