About VaVaVooom

High Quality Sex Products

Welcome to VaVaVooom! You are entering a safe space which has been carefully curated to accommodate the aesthetic of those who identify as female, and who hold high standards in their approach to intimacy and self care. At VaVaVooom you will find artistic imagery and sex products selected for quality, body safety and optimized pleasure.

You will not find content with artificially altered porn-style body images, or toy items that contain known carcinogens or lubricants with internally irritating ingredients. No veined replicas of genitals, or disembodied body parts. We make every effort to avoid content that many women find unnerving or distasteful in other sites that promote “adult” products.

We believe that you are deserving of pleasure without exposure to some of the vexing sexist or misogynistic contradictions that other websites pose. Too many are designed to appeal to a “typically male” orientation without sensitivity to what many women might want. However, we do assert that much of that orientation is actually conditioning within a culture that shames human sexuality. There is a lot of grey area in this arena - what is appealing to one person may be off-putting to another, and taboos can be quite stimulating. Perhaps we err on the side of tastefulness, but here, we do not shame. We celebrate.

Asheville Lingerie and Sexy Toys Asheville - Best of Winner 2013-2018

Desire drives all human activity, and at the Heart of Desire there is a lifelong need for connection and new experience. Our mission at VaVaVooom is to encourage ALL individuals to live fully & imaginatively within the paradox of love, sex & desire. In a fast-paced world, we promote self-acceptance, lingering touch and caring communication. Sexual Health & Wellness is to be beautifully embraced, and we encourage the curiosity and exploration that keeps curiosity & interest alive. 

Our unique Boudoir Boutique is unlike any other adult shop. Elegant yet affordable, it is located in a beautifully restored 1920’s era building in the Heart of Downtown Asheville, in close proximity to the AC Marriott Hotel, the Aloft Hotel, Hotel Indigo, and the Four Points Sheraton Hotel, the Omni at Grove Park Inn, and the Biltmore Estate. Nearby are many fine dining and drinking establishments, and other locally owned retail shops. 

VaVaVooom is 100% woman locally owned and staffed by trained and enthusiastic supporters of passion and pleasure, and we are body, gender and sex positive. We strive to assist all of our clients in claiming their paradise of intimate delight!