In-Store Stylist Series: Moody Blue

The In-Store Stylist Series depicts finished looks that have been hand-selected by our team members out of the curated lingerie and apparel collection at VaVaVooom in Asheville NC.

Our resident stylists are here every day to help you find the perfect outfit to fit your body and occasion! Stop by today! We can't wait to meet you!

This Look: Moody Blue

Model wearing blue satin bra and skirt garter set with thigh high sheer black stockings from VaVaVooom’s selection of lingerie and apparel.
Model wearing blue satin bra and garter set with sheer black side available from VaVaVooom’s collection of quality lingerie and apparel.
Vintage style blue satin bra and garter skirt set shown on a mannequin in VaVaVooom’s downtown Asheville lingerie store.

Whitney's enjoying the comfort and coverage of this ensemble with vintage appeal. Cerulean satin bra and garter skirt set. Set comes in a red satin as well!

Photo by: Tempus Fugit Design 
Model: Whitney Diane, Creative Model