FIN by Dame Products Finger Clitoral Massager

FIN by Dame Products Finger Clitoral Massager


Meet Fin, a hands-on, versatile, wearable clitoral or nipple vibrator for the fingers. Fin is a seamless vibrator designed to feel simply like a part of the body, so wearers can be a part of something amazing.

Worn between the fingers with or without a detachable tether, Fin adds three speeds of vibration to intimacy. Fin's sensations feel different at each end of its body: one side offers pin-point stimulation, while the other side is soft and squishy.

Vibrations can even travel through the fingers by flipping Fin to back side of the hand or by sliding it up to the base of the fingers. Have limitless fun with Fin!

Box includes: USB Charging Cable, Wall Adapter, Storage Bag, User Manual

Materials - Medical grade Silicone

Package Weight (LBS)= .36

Vibration levels - 3

Vibration patterns - 1

Power Source - USB


Water Resistance - Splash proof, not to be submerged

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