When Someone You Love is Kinky

When Someone You Love is Kinky


Many, many people in this world have sexual interests or practices that are in some way seem unusual. These people may enjoy bondage or spanking, erotic role-playing, dressing in special clothes that turn them on, or a host of other activities that place them outside the sexual mainstream.

Kinks allow individuals to explore aspects of their personality that they don’t typically present to the greater world, and it can be a deep sign of trust and caring to allow someone close, to come closer, by sharing such intimate and sensitive information about themselves.

Your mechanic might have an alternative sexuality, or your librarian, or your kids' teacher, or your boss...If someone you love has a sexual kink, or if you suspect that she may, and you want to know more about what that means to them, and how you can deal with what it means to you, this book is for you.

Authors: Dossie Easton and Catherine A. Liszt

Book Binding: Paperback

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Item Height: 9

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Package Weight (LBS): 10.2

Pages: 168

Country of Origin: USA

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