101 Nights of Great Sex

101 Nights of Great Sex


This book is one of our most popular and is actually a book and a game combined. It is a great gift in and of itself!

Sealed pages are grouped together as: "For Her Eyes Only", "For His Eyes Only" and the final challenge: "For Both of You". The idea is that every week you each open a page, read it secretly and have a few days to perform your 'mission' on the other person.

Anticipation is the best part of sex, and It's very exciting to know that while you are "up to something", your partner is too! This book is a great way to add some spiciness to your love life without the awkwardness of bringing up new adventurous subjects directly.

Each section has so many ideas that there will always be something interesting to each partner. A lot of people love the idea that the sealed pages won't be read by anyone else in the house! If you want to play in a new way, this is the ticket!

Laura Corn has collected the top sexual tricks, techniques and scenarios that turn men and women on the MOST and put them in one book!

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