About Body-Safe Sex Toys

What are Body-Safe Sex Toys?

Did you know that the adult “novelty” industry is unregulated as to safety, and that many of the products sold in “adult” stores are made with materials that have been proven to be hazardous to health? Being sold as “novelties” in standard adult stores, these items are excluded from FDA or other agency monitoring. 

VaVaVooom is committed to carrying BODY-SAFE sex toys and products. To protect you, we review consumer lab reports and evaluate manufacturers for standards of excellence and safety. We select only the highest quality items, and exclude products with phthalates, parabens, lead, cadmium or any other ingredient or material which might upset the natural balances of your body.  So, we do not carry toxic toys, or lubricants with irritants, such as glycerine (can cause yeast infections) or harmful preservatives.

For years I used the same Rabbit Vibrator which worked really well for me, but I started to notice a slight smell and the material it was made from looked softer than when I had first purchased it. I did some research and discovered that this sort of Rabbit Vibrator was incredibly popular several years ago but was made from a plasticized material that would break down over time and could cause cancer!

I immediately tossed it and found a body-safe vibrator at VaVaVooom that was made by a European company, where there are rigorous standards for body safety in adult products. I feel so much better about all that now. Thanks VaVaVooom!
— Brianna Scott, Asheville NC
  • Our body massagers and vibrators are well designed and crafted. The manufacturers we represent excel in engineering and design, and most offer generous warranties on their products.

  • Vibrators are made with medical grade silicone coatings, some include high quality ABS plastics.

  • Dilettos are body-safe medical grade silicone, borosilicate glass, high-grade stainless steel or elastomer.  

  • Lubricants are ph-balanced, some are organic, and all are glycerine, paraben, and BHA free.

We offer:

  • natural oil massage oils (soy, hemp, almond or coconut oil based) and low melting point mood-setting massage candles.  

  • locally made leather pieces, restraint play items, heightened-sensation play items

  • Liberator positioning furniture & accessories,

  • softly erotic instructional guides,

  • men's sexual wellness items,

  • alternative persona costumes and accessories,

  • and across-the-spectrum gender expansive items.

  • we exclude toys with packaging with unnatural looking imagery, or toys that are quasi-realistic replicas of genitalia or other body parts.

VaVaVooom aligns with a traditionally feminine aesthetic while asserting a radical idea...that full expression and enjoyment of sexuality is a natural and wonderful birthright! Accordingly, we carefully curate our intimate products with high standards for sexual health, simplicity, beauty, elegance and fun!

Our preferred Body Safe & Luxury Adult Sex Toy Brands are:

  • Lelo

  • We Vibe

  • NJoy

  • Liberator 

  • Sliquid

  • Tantus

  • Sensuelle

  • Jopen

  • Fun Factory

  • Glas 

Our brick & mortar shop on Broadway in Downtown Asheville, has much more product than shown on our website, so please COME IN to see all of the wonderful items in our 3000 square foot shop.

In the sexual wellness section of our Boudoir Boutique, you will find testers for our body-safe sex toys and lubricants. The ability to touch the vibrators, lubricants and some accessories is vitally important in making your selections, so we make it easy for you to do so.

Our adult product is located in the back area of the shop, and in our lower level, so YOU decide if you want to explore these items, or not.  Our staff is trained for sensitivity and to respond with accurate information to your inquiries and requests. 


  • Many of our clients are delighted to be able to examine our products in person, as an alternative to shopping online elsewhere. Please be aware that many of our body safe toys are considered “luxury items” and are subject to some of the underhanded online sales tactics that happen with other quality goods.

  • If you see the same (or similar item) on Amazon at a price significantly lower than at VaVaVooom, you can be sure it is NOT a genuine or legitimately sold item.

VaVaVooom LLC is an authorized dealer for the brands we carry. We price our product at or close to Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP), which is the price we agree to, with the manufacturer, to guarantee their warranties for our clients. Any product purchased below MSRP is likely a knock-off and will not have a verifiable warranty. If you have any questions about pricing or valid purchases, please don’t hesitate to ask us! We want you to be happy & satisfied with all your purchases.

Our brick & mortar shop, on Broadway in Downtown Asheville, has much more product than shown on our website, so please COME IN to see all of the wonderful items in our 3000 square foot shop!


Best Selling Sex Toys


A premium vibrating bullet-style massager with a wireless remote, LYLA™ 2 offers you secrecy, pleasure and excitement, whenever you want and wherever you go. Enjoy thrills at a restaurant or romantic night out, LYLA™ 2 is waterproof and rechargeable with controls that respond to movement – it’s time to embrace your most adventurous side.

LeLo - INA Wave™

Inspired by the caress of a lover’s fingers, INA Wave™ surges in a ‘come-hither’ motion to massage your G-Spot, while ultra-powerful vibrations assure a blended climax crashes over you. 

Lelo- GIGI™

A sexy pleasure product with a curved and flattened tip to accurately target your G-spot, GIGI™ 2 offers exhilarating solo pleasure, making it one of the most popular G-spot massagers of all time!

Variety of kinky sex toys displayed for sale. VaVaVooom carefully curates its selection of body safe adult sex toys in order to offer the best sex toys from vibrators to dildos. VaVaVooom is more than your average sex shop.

An active and pleasurable erotic life is essential to your overall health and well-being. To enhance your relationships and intimate personal moments, we carefully curate Body Safe & Luxury Intimate Health & Wellness items. 

Store display of kinky lingerie including corsets and leather, plus dildos with strap-on options. More than your average sex shop, VaVaVooom offers a curated selection of body safe vibrators, dildos, lingerie, corsets, and kink in order to offer you the best sex toys possible.