Fun Factory's Fun Cup Review by Holli

Fun Factory’s Fun Cup

Fun Factory’s Fun Cup

Fun Factory’s Fun Cup Review

A review by HollI, Manager at VaVaVooom, Asheville NC.

Holli, sex toy expert at VaVaVooom Asheville NC

Holli, sex toy expert at VaVaVooom Asheville NC

First a brief history lesson -

I began my sex toy career long ago when I realized that each toy did something different. I knew at that point that I must try them all to see which, if any could blow my mind! I came to VaVaVooom after 11 years in the US Armed Forces, I have a passion for women's sexual health and body positivity. I believe everyone deserves mind blowing orgasams, it’s your birth right and I’m here to help you choose a product to do just that.

Now you’re probably thinking this review is about a Fun Factory sex toy, unfortunately you would be wrong. While Fun Factory is known for it’s amazing sex products this product in particular is very different from the rest. The Fun Cup is Fun Factory’s take on the menstrual cup. That’s right, a menstrual cup made by a leading sex toy company…. Who would have thought. It’s kind of strange but also makes complete sense at the same time. What better company to know the Vagina than a company that makes toys to please it.

My first impressions of the Fun Cup were “WTF named this thing”? I mean is there really anything about your period that can be labeled as FUN? Once moving past the name I started to read up on the product itself. I wanted to be very acquainted with it before it came time to give it a review run. The cups themselves are blue and pink, blue cup for heavier days or for women that have had a child, and the pink cup for lighter days or women that have never had children. The website claims the cups are super comfortable and offer 12 full hours of protection regardless of what you are doing in that 12 hour period including swimming.  The packaging is very attractive, unlike the Diva Cups that have a clear plastic front on the box for you to see the cup, Fun Factory placed true to size photos on the box. It also comes with 2 cups where as the Diva Cup only comes with one.

The next thing that I wanted to research was the cost and savings of using the Fun Cup over using the other leading menstrual cup brand Diva Cup and verses tampons due to 70% of American women using tampons. Cost differences with these products are pretty interesting, the Diva Cup runs around $34.99 for one cup where as the Fun Factory Fun Cup runs around $45 for two cups one of each size. So you’re already starting to save money there.

On average, a woman has her period from three to seven days and the average woman menstruates from age 13 to age 51. That means the average woman endures some 456 total periods over 38 years, or roughly 2,280 days with her period — 6.25 years of her life.

Tampons -  You’re instructed to change your tampon every 4 to 8 hours, so let’s use 6 hours as an average. A box containing 36 tampons costs $7 at Walgreens. 1 tampon every 6 hours = 4 tampons per day x 5 days of a period = 20 tampons per cycle x 456 periods = 9,120 tampons. At 36 tampons per box, that’s 253.3 boxes x $7 = $1,773.33

Menstrual cups can last a long time with proper care, some sites claim a lifetime of period protection. Let’s just say you decide to replace the cup every 5 years in the 38 years you have your period you would theoretically replace the cup around 7 times costing you roughly $315 for the span of your period years. 

So the time finally came for me to pop open the Fun Cup box and prepare for usage! I decided to start out with the pink cup as the beginning of my period tends to be very light, keep in mind I have had two children and the pink cup is the smaller of the two. I washed the cup in gentle soap and water, applied a small amount of Sliquid Satin moisturizer and folded the opening of the cup in half for easier insertion. The cup is a nice tear shape with a little textured end that tilts toward the front of your body for easy adjusting. The cup was super easy to insert and get into place with little effort, this impressed me a great deal. I had used the Diva Cup in the past and that was a constant struggle for me to get the cup into place. The Fun Cup is actually a thinner silicone than the Diva Cup and for me that makes all the difference in comfort and fit. I began product testing around 7pm and went to bed around 9pm.

The following morning as I began my routine I went to see how the cup was holding up to its very important task, it had been roughly 10 hours. Removing the cup was easy and comfortable, it had indeed been doing its designed task well with no leaks. I emptied the contents washed the cup with a gentle soap and reinserted it for the day. My work days normally last 14 hours or so, including dropping kids off at their destinations, feeding my farm animals and working at the shop that I LOVE! So I assumed I would need to empty the cup at least once. Of course I lost track of time and ended up not taking a break to empty the cup for about 13 hours, again I had no leaks or comfort issues. I couldn’t feel the cup at any point during the day.

Day three of my period required me to change to the larger blue cup, I inserted the same way with no issues and adjusted securely. Once again this cup gave me all day, comfortable protection with no hassles or leaks.

In my opinion the Fun Factory Fun Cup is the menstrual cup all women have been waiting for. It’s comfortable, easy to use, comes with an amazing antimicrobial carry pouch, and is the quality we have all grown to expect from Fun Factory as a leading sex toy company.  A+++