Boudoir Boutique? Whats THAT?

VaVaVooom is designed to be a modern incarnation of a Boudoir…the French word meaning literally “to sulk”, but actually referring to an elegant ladies’ place of comfort and retreat, which is also her wardrobe, bedroom, and sitting area.  We do carry all things of the Boudoir…including…Yes! Sexual Health & Wellness products. In our “Pleasure Garden” we do have a wonderful, limited and highly curated selection of body safe Boudoir Accessories, also known as “adult product” and “sex toys”.  Including “massagers” (vibrators), lubricants, oils, and sensory play items. But no, we are not a “sex shop” as generally expected.

We are actually on the opposite end of a spectrum of the sexual health and wellness spectrum from most stores which sell adult intimate product, because we are primarily concerned with developing, enhancing and maintaining healthy relationships.

We believe that healthy relationships originate with a solid core sense of oneself, and extend outwardly into community with others. There is a natural paradox between “I” and “thou”, between “love” and “desire”, and between security and adventure.  Where there is light there is shadow, and mysterious depths are rich areas for exploration. The fullness and vitality of life lies in a willingness to be open to new possibilities.

How are We Different?

Well, we take into account the generalized stated preferences of women within a certain demographic, which reflect the culture we live in and applicable local ordinances. We have found that even so called “female friendly” adult stores are filled with product and images that push beyond many women’s comfort levels, and they close down to further exploration. We believe in a Holistic Sexuality, one that fully incorporates Mind, Body and Spirit as natural and essential to life.

A History of Sexual Health & Wellness

Adult stores in general, and in the past, were associated with the pornography industry. As laws relaxed with Federal obscenity rulings in the 1970’s, the commercial distribution of XXX video was accompanied by the sale of adult product. This resulted in a complicated history of municipal and legal wrangling over adult product stores.

As the adult industry grew, so did the production of product, mostly inexpensively made in China. Sold under the category “novelty”, these items were, and remain, unregulated as to safety. Unlike the highly regulated children’s toy industry, the “adult toy” industry is not monitored for compliance with any health standards, as the category “novelty” is exempt, with caveats from the manufacturer and distributors that the items are not actually intended for any use but as a novelty item (read: gag gift). In addition, manufacturers’ specifications for production are not always followed in the factory process.

So, not infrequently, inferior materials and ingredients are used in production without the branding company’s knowledge. Consumer lab testing results sometimes produce alarming results in the adult novelty industry. Cancer causing materials have been found, as well as materials and ingredients that can disrupt internal body processes.

Why Our Available Products Are Higher Quality


We consider the “novelty” maneuver rather disingenuous, but as all adult product falls under this novelty category, that is what we work with. So…we do our homework and research the products we offer. To protect you, we review consumer lab reports and evaluate manufacturers as to their monitoring of their own production facilities.

Also, with adult product, there is, as with most manufactured items, a planned obsolescence factor. The more reputable manufacturers excel in engineering and design and often offer warranties on their products.

Our Sensitivity to Women’s Issues

In addition to curating for quality, we curate for sensitivity to women’s issues. Acknowledging a broad and possibly over-generalization, many women are uncomfortable with standard sex stores. Violence, misogyny and unnatural body imagery is common in pornography, and is frequently duplicated in adult product packaging.

Women who have had negative sexual or shaming experiences may be adversely triggered with such imagery. Unfortunately, this is a large percentage of women in this culture, so our objective is to offer women an opportunity for pleasurable experiences while minimizing the possibilities of negative ones. So, we curate packaging and exclude certain imagery.

Honoring the Feminine

Because there is an incredibly colorful spectrum of human sexuality, we wish to honor all possibilities and life choices. However, we are limited by certain factors in our offerings. We acknowledge to catering to a mid range on the bell curve of primarily gender-feminine sexuality but all individuals are welcome at VaVaVooom.

There are ordinances strictly limiting the percentage amount of “adult product” we can offer within city limits. Accordingly, and because this is a local, personally funded operation, difficult decisions are made to provide the adult product we do offer within our broader selection of apparel, etc.

Realistic representations of genitalia, either photographically or by plasticized replication, can trigger adult only regulations in many municipalities, requiring an age 18 or over ID requirement. So these items are also not available here.