Apparel &  specially sourced ITEMS

VaVaVooom offers apparel items with a traditionally feminine aesthetic, but as part of an ethos of self-ownership. How we adorn our bodies is a reflection of how we love and care for ourselves, mind and spirit included, and how we choose to present ourselves to the world, regardless of other's opinions.

A woman dresses first and foremost for herself. If a man happens to like it, well, that’s an entirely different matter!
— Miss Phryne Fisher

Locally Sourced Items from Asheville Designers

Comfort, pleasing designs, and practical versatility are our priorities in choosing which lines can be found at VaVaVooom. We have made a commitment to source locally made, sustainable and ethically sourced apparel & lingerie & accessories as much as economically possible.

RAPT Lingerie

Handmade in Western North Carolina by Asheville Designer Terri Hetzel features luxury wear with sustainability, community and conscious sourcing in mind. Produced locally in small cottage workshops by seamstresses paid above living wage, with fabrics sourced from vintage dead stock fabrics and/or natural fabrics, these pieces are meant for an extended wardrobe life. Surpassing a throw-away mentality, these items are extraordinarily crafted with exquisite care.

Heavenly Bodywear

Local Designer Theresa Green’s Heavenly Bodywear line is handmade in Asheville, NC out of superbly comfortable and affordable Bamboo & Organic Cotton. The line has multi-use pieces in coordinating colors. Bralettes & Thongs, Bra Tops, Yoga/Capri pants, A Line & Flirty Skirts, Wide Leg pants & Tie Tops, Wraps & more.


Asheville’s dancer-now-designer Becky Ewing creates Stylish, Eco-Friendly Fashion with Organic & Natural Fibers. Highlighted are lovely printed silk silk and blouse sets, and organic cotton blend camisoles in simple but elegant designs.

Good Omen Goods

Handcrafted leather fashion & kink accessories, made in Asheville NC by designer Leah Argersinger.

We love to represent local craftspeople and artists and encourage those working in our select specialties to contact us.

Our brick & mortar shop, on Broadway in Downtown Asheville, has much more product than shown on our website, so please COME IN to see all of the wonderful items in our 3000 square foot shop!

Some designer pieces may be custom ordered - Contact VaVaVooom for more information.

Our commitment to locally produced, ethically sourced product is ongoing...please help us support local crafts and designers!