Staff at VaVaVooom, Asheville NC

VaVaVooom provides an boutique atmosphere that goes beyond the traditional apparel, lingerie, or sex toy store experience.  All of our female-identifying staff is committed to conscious sexuality, body positivity and all that is divinely feminine. To enhance your relationships & intimate personal moments, we carefully curate our Sexual Wellness brands, and all of our staff members are trained both in fashion and in safe & sane human sexual expression. They also write articles and contribute to our social media! 

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Holli loves kittens, and is the manager at VaVaVooom, 57 Broadway in Asheville.  She is our resident toy expert and sex positive warrior. "I’m passionate about sexual health and wellness for everyone. My favorite aspect about working at VVV is helping people own their sexuality. Follow my posts here and on Instagram with the signature #HolliVVV 





Jody loves sloths and the Sliquid lubricant line and will enthusiastically disclose the qualities of Sliquid's many different ph balanced, glycerine-free body safe products.  "With the many body safe products now available, no one should have to use any product internally that has harmful ingredients or preservative. Sliquid even has organic and vegan products available!" 




Whitnie loves kayaking, and is our fashion styling and writing expert. "Hi folks! I do most of the posting on social media.  I love quotes and #VaVaVooomWomenWisdom is my thing.  One of my favorite aspects about working at VVV is helping people understand that #sexuality in all its diversity is a completely natural normal human thing that can be celebrated.  Oh, and the lingerie!  Catch my posts on  with my signature #WhitnieVVV


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Maria loves our wonderful collection of books here at VaVaVooom. " I encourage having a solid base of knowledge, with ample resources for exploring and deepening your connection with your own sexuality, spiritually and physically.  Read, put into practice and never stop learning!" Maria's Instagram posts can be found at #MariaVVV.


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Genevieve loves the ladies above, who make this endeavor possible, and who do so much to help female identifying clients find the truest expression of the many aspects of themselves. As a mother of four, and a grandmother of four, Genevieve advocates for heart based connection, even when playing out our inevitable shadow elements.  "My religion is: Be Kind.  The rest is all marketing". Genevieve's writing can be found on VaVaVooom's News page on this website.