Staff at VaVaVooom, Asheville NC

VaVaVooom provides a unique safe space for exploring your possibilities. Our staff is committed to conscious sexuality, body positivity and gender inclusivity. To enhance your relationships & intimate personal moments, we carefully curate our sexual wellness brands, and all of our staff members are trained in supporting safe & sane human sexual expression.  

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Holli is the manager at VaVaVooom, 57 Broadway in Asheville.  She is our resident toy expert and sex positive warrior. "I’m passionate about sexual health and wellness for everyone. My favorite aspect about working at VVV is helping people own their sexuality." Holli served her country in the Unites States Military for many years, and loves kittens. 




Jody is enthusiastic about helping clients discover the wonderful Sliquid lubricant line and will happily disclose the qualities of Sliquid's many different ph balanced, glycerine-free body safe products.  "With the many body safe products now available, no one should have to use any product internally that has harmful ingredients or preservative. Sliquid even has organic and vegan products available!" 



Maria is inspired by our wonderful collection of books here at VaVaVooom. "I encourage having a solid base of knowledge, with ample resources for exploring and deepening your connection with your own sexuality, spiritually and physically.  Read, put into practice and never stop learning!" Maria is easy to talk with, and familiar with tantra arts &  runes.  

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Kaela is here to talk all about the ins and outs of periods and how they affect your overall health. She specifically sings the praises of Fun Factory’s Fun Cup, a menstrual cup designed to go with the curves of your body. “Periods happen. I want to normalize talking about them and let people know they have options other than pads or tampons.” Kaela also works on VaVaVooom’s web development and community outreach.

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Lisa Genevieve

With the support of the Asheville communityVaVaVooom has grown to fill a 3000 square foot, 1920's era downtown space with high quality apparel, lingerie and intimate toys which appeal primarily to women's sensibilities. Body positive, sex positive, and gender inclusive, VaVaVooom is designed to help clients embrace the many aspects of themselves. 

"I realized years ago that many of the complications in our sexual lives are due to lingering shame-based traditions.  Spirituality is an important part of sexuality; other cultures down through time celebrated sexuality, even when expressing inevitable "shadow" elements. There is so much opportunity for personal and relational growth in adult play, whether solo or partnered. With self-awareness, sensible boundaries and conscious consent, life is rich. Keep exploring, and be kind!!"