ZALO "DESIRE" Thruster (Pre-heating)

ZALO "DESIRE" Thruster (Pre-heating)


In fully understanding your own natural desires, you become more sophisticated in the language of pleasure, and in the intricate art of sex. The ZALO “Desire” Thruster is the first auto-thrust RECHARGEABLE massager from ZALO. It is a fabulous alternative to those who prefer a penetrating rhythmic motion to the typical vibrating features of other toys. Every person is different and you know the sensation that is best for you!

The Zalo “Desire” Thruster is uniquely shaped especially to reach and apply pressure to the “A Spot” * (see below) making it a wonderful developmental devise for increasing your orgasmic potential.

The Preheating function simulates human body temperature for soothing comfort. . One-key orgasm function, instantly reaching fastest frequency, to promote a fabulously fast orgasm.

Dow Corning food-level silicone; Exclusive Softek™ skin imitation silicone layer. Sweet traditionally feminine appearance, embellished with SWAROVSKI crystal. Lovely gift/storage box and satin pouch included.

6 thrusting modes and 1 turbo mode.

Ultra-high power, super quiet.

Rechargeable; long battery life, for 2-4 hours pleasure every charge

Tech Specs

Size and Weight:

Length: 228mm

Width: 45mm (width of the hand-held end) 38mm (the largest lateral)

Weight: 278g

Material Dow: Main material: Corning food-level silicone; Swarovski; ABS

Operation: button manipulation

Max Noise Level: <40dB

Stimulation mode:

  • 6 basic modes

  • 1 turbo mode

Battery and power: built-in Li-lon 2000mAh; two-hour quick USB charging for 2-4 hours pleasure.

Contents:Desire (Preheating Thruster)
USB charge cable
Satin storage pouch
Warranty card for One Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
Instruction manual  


If lubricant use is desired with your Zalo Desire, please use just a small amount of water-based lubricant only. Lubricants containing silicone or oil ingredients are not compatible with silicone toys and can cause damage to your toy. We recommend Sliquid H2O, Sliquid Sea, and Sliquid Sassy. They are all water based and each have unique properties to fit your specific lubricant needs.

Cleaning: To clean your Zalo Desire, use a toy cleaning product or a mild, non perfumed soap and water. A washcloth dipped in soapy water can be used for a gentle wipe down. Make sure all the soap had been removed and your toy is dry before storing separately from other toys (preferable in a fabric pouch…included).

* The “A spot” is the recently identified Anterior Fornix erogenous zone, located at the deepest point within the vagina, above the cervix, on the anterior wall of the vagina. Applyiing pressure to this area, both from inside the vagina, and possible externally from the abdomen, is said to increase the release of lubrication through the Skene’s glands.  It is thought that many women find applying pressure to the “A Spot” Anterior Fornix increases their ability to orgasm quickly, especially when the clitoris is simultaneously stimulated.

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