Best Personal Toy! Lelo Gigi 2™ G-spot Massager

Best Personal Toy! Lelo Gigi 2™ G-spot Massager


Perfection for any woman! Not too big, not too small, just right! This pleasure product has a curved and flattened tip to angle oh-so-sweetly to your G-spot. GIGI™ 2 offers exhilarating solo pleasure, making it one of the most popular G-spot massagers of all time!

Ahead Of The Curve

For women who know the pleasure they want and how to get it, the world-famous GIGI™ 2 takes G-Spot orgasms to a whole new level.

"Our first Lelo product....Lelo products are definitely pricier, but once you have the product in hand, you will immediately see that there is no comparison to any of the others - it is well worth the cost. The Gigi 2 is fabulous! My wife and I selected it for the unique flat tip which caters to both her G and clitoral stimulation needs/wants and boy does it - she was seeing stars! The various 8 speeds are perfect for working her way up to a climatic "explosion". The quality and fact that it is waterproof is second to none.
Do not hesitate on making this purchase, you will NOT be disappointed."


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